About CENF

CERN Neutrino Platform (CENF) Initial Mandate (2014)

The CERN Neutrino Platform is CERN's undertaking to foster and contribute to fundamental research in neutrino physics at particle accelerators worldwide, as recommended by the 2013 European Strategy for Particle Physics.

  • Assist the various groups in their R&D phase (detectors and components) in the short and medium term and give coherence to a fragmented European Neutrino Community
  • Provide to the ν community a test beam infrastructure (charged particles)
  • Bring R&D at the level of technology demonstrators in view of major technical decisions
  • Continue R&D on ν beam, as a possible base for further collaborations
  • Support the short baseline activities (infrastructure & detectors)
  • Support the long baseline activities (infrastructure & detectors)