How To Register

In order for you to register, your Institution must have a registered Team Leader (TL) and a Deputy Team Leader (DTL) in one of the Neutrino Platform Projects:

New registration: If you are a new member at CERN or ex-member, please follow the steps found below:

Before your Arrival: If you need a VISA please contact CENF-Secretariat with the invitation letter request. Please provide all the necessary information in order to facilitate the procedure.

Team Leader (TL) Registration: Please provide the following forms duly filled and signed:

All the forms must be sent to the CENF-Secretariat who proceeds with the registration.

Team Members Registration (USERS):

  • Your TL opens a Pre-registration form for you in PRT. Information for TL, follow the link.
  • Please attach the HID Form (signed by the authorized representative of your Institute) together with a copy of your passport to the PRT document.
  • The supervisor and the newcomer (as well as, if applicable, the trusted person who initiated the new registration) are notified when the form is validated by the Users Office and the "newcomer" is invited to come to the Users Office. At this stage, the newcomer is entitled to get a computing account and an access card in Building 33.
  • To get your computing account:
  • Once the pre-registration is done you will receive an attestation which can be used to subscribe to the Health Insurance.

Team Members Registration (External Participants):

  • External members have the following characteristics:
    • They do not actually come to CERN
    • The duration of their registration corresponds to the duration of their participation in the Experiment.
    • The TL acts as the responsible person.
  • Please fill in the External PART Registration Form and send it to the CENF-Secretariat by email with a copy of your passport.​
  • When the registration is complete, you will be able to get a computing account:​

At your Arrival:

  • Come to the Users Office (Bld. 61/R-010) with the documents listed below to finalize your registration at CERN and sign your contract of association:
    • your passport
    • your Visa and/or Convention d'accueil (if you come from outside the Schengen area)
    • Invitation Letter
  • ​Once the registration at the Users Office is done, go to Bldg 55 to get your access card.
  • (If hasn’t been done before) contact Service-Desk (link sends e-mail) or by phone +41 22 767 7777 to get you login and temporary password for the CERN computer accounts.
  • Follow the computing security course to validate your accounts.
  • Inform the CENF-Secretariat about your registration.
  • Follow the general safety courses (levels 1&2, 3 and 4 if necessary).

Change of Institute: In order to change your affiliation, please do so using the contract modification and extension on EDH form. Please attach the HID Form (signed by the authorized representative of your Institute) to the EDH form.

Computing account

  • TL, DTL, USERS, External Participants are invited to register with the following UNIX group computing : np-comp. More information see here:
  • Here is the link (replace <your login name>​ with your login)
  • Instructions can be found here.

More Information

How To be subscribed to a CERN e-group

In order for you to be registered/subscribed to a CERN e-group, you need:

Go to this link

In the search engine insert CENF in order to obtain the list of all e groups related to the Neutrino Platform

Click on "Search"

In the e group list look for the one you are interested in. i.e. "CENF-Computing"

Look at the subscription mode:

  • either directly press the subscribe button if available
  • or contact the e group owner via email to get registered

Below you can find is a collection of helpful material links:

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